И еще 10 уроков Вильгельма Швебеля
Wilhelm Schwebel

 1845 – 1891. German historian, publicist.

1. Blessed are the nouveau riches, as they derive the greatest pleasure from the feeling that they own something.

2. Money can be both kind and evil, depending on whose pocket it falls into.

3. If the Truth can only be spoken by whispering, then the country has been taken over by its foes.

4. Beautiful language gives a decent form to even the most stupid thoughts.

5. The victorious and the defeated learn different lessons from history.

6. Better laws won't help if people aren't up to them.

7. Emotions tend to pass after some time but what they have wrought persists.

8. When the older generation looks at the new one thoughtfully, it will want to apologize to the previous generation.

9. The people do not become freer if the rulers call themselves the servants of the people.

10. The pride of being able to write encourages many to talk about things they would better have reserved for themselves.