И еще 10 технологий Станислава Лема
Stanisław Lem

1921 – 2006. Polish philosopher, futurologist and writer. He is the author of a seminal philosophical work, Summa Technologiae, and many other books.


1. The future always looks different than we can imagine.

2. Telling the truth is like wandering a maze filled with good intentions.

3. As is known, the human being is equally harmed by too few and too many impressions.

4. Culture is, above all, a system of games.

5. The world needs to be changed, otherwise it will begin to change us in an uncontrolled way.

6. There are no good answers to poorly posed questions.

7. A man only finds out he was happy after he has gone through it.

8. A specialist is a barbarian whose ignorance is not comprehensive.

9. The essence of old age is that you gain experience that you can’t use anymore.

10. Idiots create civilization leaving the rest to carry the ball.