И еще 10 размышлений Бенедикта Спинозы
Benedictus de Spinoza

1632 – 1677. Dutch rationalist philosopher and naturalist, one of the main representatives of the Modern philosophy.



1. The division of substance into real and imaginary is false.

2. Any definition is a limitation.

3. Extreme pride or extreme humility is the extreme ignorance of oneself.

4. Nature does not imply any purpose for itself… All ultimate causes are only human-made fiction.

5. A free man thinks of nothing as little as death, and his wisdom is to reflect on life, not death.

6. Fear arises from the impotence of the spirit.

7. All things come from necessity: there is no good or evil in nature.

8. A man thinking of himself as free is like a thrown stone that thinks to be flying.

9. Shame is a sadness known to arise in man when he sees that his acts are despised by others.

10. The clearer you understand yourself and your feelings, the more you love what is there.