И еще 10 проповедей Томаса Фуллера
Thomas Fuller

1608 – 1661. English historian and divine. A prolific writer, one of the first to live by earnings on his writings.


1. A blind man will not thank you for a looking-glass.

2. “They say so…” is half a lie.

3. The sea never repels any river.

4. If you do not have enemies, happiness has left you.

5. Vows given in storm are forgotten in calm.

6. For an obstinate animal there must be a cold-blooded driver.

7. Every horse thinks its luggage is the heaviest.

8. Gratitude is the smallest virtue, whereas ingratitude is the worst of evils.

9. Wit should be used as a shield not as a sword to injure others.

10. What is heaven for a fool, is hell for the sage.