И еще 10 мудрых учений Аристотеля

384 BC - 322 BC. The first thinker to establish a system of knowledge: philosophy, sociology, politics, physics, logic... A student of Plato, the teacher of Alexander the Great. Founded the Lyceum.


1. To succeed, students need to catch up with those ahead and not wait for those behind.

2. In the field of education, development of skills must precede the development of intelligence.

3. Gratitude ages rapidly.

4. Every citizen should, to the extent possible, direct his or her aspirations to be able to exert power over his state.

5. To love means to wish another one what you think is good, and to wish it not for your own sake, but for the sake of whom you love, and to try to deliver it if possible.

6. Wisdom is the most accurate of the sciences.

7. Who moves forward in knowledge but lags behind in morality is going backward rather than forward.

8. Fairness is the greatest of virtues, more astonishing and brilliant than the evening or morning star.

9. Teachers to whom children are obliged by their upbringing deserver more respect than parents to whom children are only obliged by birth: while the latter only give them life, the former give them a good life.

10. A man outside the society is either a god or a beast.