Еще 10 взглядов Ильи Шевелева
Ilya Nisonovich Shevelev

 1921 –. Doctor, ophthalmologist, Doctor of Sciences, Professor, winner of the Auerbach Prize of the Academy of Medical Sciences of the USSR.


1. Without knowledge of standard situations it is impossible to understand non-standard situations.

2. Envy is an extinguisher of joy.

3. The genius looks not from the top down, but over the heads of the contemporaries.

4. The loved ones don’t get old.

5. Intelligence is better a substitute for knowledge than knowledge is a substitute for intelligence.

6. It is foolish to have no fear, but to fear permanently is twice as foolish.

7. Different books are read, and only the good ones are re-read.

8. It’s not good when a person is boasting but it’s even worse when he has nothing to boast about.

9. Ideas should not be stored but invested.

10. True democracy is unthinkable without a high culture; with a low culture, democracy is a dictatorship of fools.