Еще 10 уроков Константина Ушинского
Konstantin Dmitriyevich Ushinsky

 1824 – 1871. Russian and Ukrainian teacher, founder of scientific pedagogy in Russia.



1. The feelings of a child, as much as his thought, should be guided without resorting to violence.

2. In love, as in hatred, a wide variety of feelings can be brought together: suffering and enjoyment, joy and sadness, fear and courage, and even anger and hatred.

3. Being fair in one’s thoughts doesn't mean being fair in one’s actions.

4. A critical prerequisite for improving memory performance is the healthy state of nerves which requires physical exercise.

5. It is better not to tell a child any of those high truths that the life around him does not bear than to teach him to see in these truths a phrase only suitable as a lesson.

6. Not the one is courageous who approaches a danger without feeling fear but the one who can suppress the strongest fear and think of the danger without submitting to fear.

7. No mentor should forget that his primary duty is to train students in mental work and that this duty is more important than the delivery of the subject itself.

8. It sometimes takes as much heroism to overcome a sense of shame as it does to overcome a sense of fear.

9. Satisfy all the desires of man, but take away his purpose in life, and see how unhappy and pitiful he will be.

10. The teacher must have an extraordinary amount of moral energy so as not to snooze under the soothing murmur of teacher's daily routine.