Еще 10 сокровищниц мыслей Алишера Навои
Ali-Shir Nava’i

Ali-Shir Nava’i (Nizam-al-Din Ali-Shir Herawi). 1441 – 1501. Philosopher, poet, statesman.

The author of numerous philosophical and poetry works, among them the Treasure Trove of Thoughts, a collection of poetry diwans, and the Quintuple (Khamsa), a collection of five poems.


1. A man who studied sciences but never put them to use is like the one who dug an irrigation trench but hasn’t sown the field or, having sown, chose not to reap the harvest.

2. Among people, the best is the one who benefits others more.

3. All the world’s knowledge of use to me

Came to me from watching at the actions of the ignorant.

4. There’s no nicer a friend in the world than a book.

5. Science is by no means stingy. So let the scientist bloom by the wisdom of his learning.

Let his fate ordained by the Creator not become an ordeal.

Do not cross your way with the one pursuing knowledge,

Raise no obstacle but encourage the desire to get along together with science.

6. To talk little is the essence of wisdom, and to eat little is the essence of health. An ignorant one devoid of reason will say everything that that comes to his mind, like cattle chewing up whatever it finds to fill its stomach.

7. Those with patience are able to create silk from leaves and honey from pink petals.

8. A good word encourages all people,

And renders any poison impotent.

9. When you meet difficulties in life, the mind and wisdom will be there to help you find a solution.

10. Knowledge is acquired to strengthen faith, not to gain wealth. The skimpy rich man is like an animal loaded with books; a scientist who disregards law is like a cloud that does not bring rain.