Еще 10 шедевров Леонардо да Винчи
Leonardo da Vinci

1452 – 1519. A famous artist, scientist, inventor, musician, architect, writer, theater figure. This man’s talents are so diverse that the “Leonardo complex” has come to be attributed to people with multifaceted abilities. Leonardo da Vinci is considered his patron not only by the left-handed people (he himself was ambidextrous i.e. equally adept at using both hands, but wrote right-to-left and in a mirrored fashion), but also by the red.


1. He who looks up to the stars never turns around.

2. Who can go to the source, shouldn't go to the jug…

3. The science is the captain, and practice are the soldiers.

4. Nature has taken care of everything so much that everywhere you find something to learn.

5. Simplicity is an extreme degree of sophistication.

6. The only criterion of truth is experience.

7. Vacuous and ridden with misconceptions are the sciences that do not result from experience, the father of all credibility, and do not culminate in a visual experiment.

8. Ask for advice from someone who knows how to win over himself.

9. Any life well lived is a long life.

10. Where hope dies, there is a void.