Еще 10 коллекций Жана Ростана
Jean Rostand

1894 – 1977. French biologist and writer. Known for his writings on biology and marriage.



1. Every time peace reigns in the family, ask yourself: “What have I sacrificed?”

2. Kill one man and you’ll be a murderer. Kill millions and become a conqueror. Kill everyone, and you will be God.

3. One can imagine a human race consisting exclusively of women, but one cannot imagine a human race consisting exclusively of men.

4. It’s better to hurt oneself than to talk contemptuously about oneself, and it’s better to talk contemptuously about oneself than to think contemptuously about oneself.

5. The wife in her husband sees both a strength to be broken and a weakness to be protected.

6. The heart calls for one woman; feelings call for many; vanity calls for everyone.

7. A good family is the one in which a husband and wife forget during the day that they are lovers, and at night that they are spouses.

8. Never be ashamed of what you think of your wife. For she may be thinking about you even worse.

9. A woman considers a smart person someone who shares her opinion rather than her husband’s.

10. Marriage makes us understand ourselves better, and it’s not its least virtue nor its least shortcoming.