Еще 10 игр Эрика Берна
Eric Lennard Berne

1910 – 1970. American psychologist and psychiatrist. Analyst. He is the author of the famous book, Games People Play: The Psychology of Human Relationships


1. One sign that a man’s youth is going is hair growing out of his ears. A more relevant symptom is when at lunch, he starts talking about money, not about women.

2. Romance occurs when a woman has a female power over a man and to pleasure both becomes more important to him than anything else.

3. Some people are looking for excitement, like pigs and truffles.

4. What you agree with is easy. Find something you disagree with, what are the demands and what will it do if you don’t comply with them? You don’t really know him until you see it getting angry at you.

5. Some men look like snowmen. You sculpt a look with them, and then it melts.

6. Freud knew the answers. If you don’t understand something about sex, don't say it’s awful or mysterious. Look it up in Freud.

7. It’s easier to sell people death than life, so insurance agents may not be more honest than encyclopedia salesmen.

8. The contentions of a wife puts you in difficulty because you are angry. A charming wife puts in difficulty the fact that you have to think about.

9. The faster you make new friends, the faster you get old friends.

10. The health of men often depend on the phases of the menstrual cycle of his wife.