Еще  10 даосизмов Лао-цзы

Laozi (the Old Child, the Wise Old Man). Ancient Chinese philosopher of the 6th - 5th centuries BC, who is credited with authorship of the classical Daoist philosophical tract, Dao De Jing. Considered a deity.


1. Who thinks he knows everything doesn’t know anything.

2. Where there are many laws and edicts, there is also an abundance of criminals.

3. When you taste anything, don’t think about what is considered delicious.

4. Where great wise men rule, subjects know notice of their existence.

5. A worthy man always tries to be impartial, never value things that are hard to obtain and not to listen to futile teachings.

6. Strong love gives strength to someone, and strong love for someone gives courage.

7. Nature never hurries, yet everything is accomplished.

8. And the loss can result in profit, and maybe profit can result in loss.

9. Whoever practices moderation is happy with his position.

10. The wise man discards extreme inclinations.