10 уроков Вильгельма Швебеля
Wilhelm Schwebel

 1845 – 1891. German historian, publicist.


1. The brilliant result of brain activity is common sense.

2. Even if a person knows and regrets his mistakes, it does not mean that he could avoid them.

3. Peace is a time when crimes are committed only by criminals.

4. The more people know, the fewer opinions they share.

5. Opinions do not become correct only from the fact that many agree with them.

6. People fearful of their rulers hardly fear their intellect.

7. An astute wife won’t ask what her husband wants. She already knows.

8. It is not easy to govern adult citizens without treating them like children.

9. Whether the state is founded by honest people or robbers, it will still be run by bureaucrats. It is they who will bring it to ruin.

10. Science rejects miracles but is always delightful at miraculous coincidences