10 уроков Константина Ушинского
Konstantin Dmitriyevich Ushinsky

 1824 – 1871. Russian and Ukrainian teacher, founder of scientific pedagogy in Russia.



1. The right to happiness is the most inalienable human right.

2. If you choose your work aptly and dedicate your entire soul to it, happiness will find you.

3. A goal in life is the core of human dignity and happiness.

4. Reading means nothing; what to read and how to understand it are relevant.

5. Without personal work no person can go forward or stay where he is – he will have to go back.

6. Never promise a child what can’t be done, and never deceive him.

7. The never-aging infancy of the soul is the deepest basis of true self-education.

8. Conviction is the mainstay of human education.

9. The independence of the student’s brain is the only solid basis of any fruitful teaching.

10. Free work is needed by man in itself, to develop and maintain a sense of human dignity in him.