10 уроков Антона Макаренко
Anton Semyonovich Makarenko

1888 – 1939. Teacher and writer. The “pedagogical poet”. Ranked by UNESCO among the four teachers who defined the pedagogy of the 20th century.


1. If you don't demand much from a person, you won't get much from him.

2. To give up risk is to give up creativity.

3. Punishment is not only a right, but also a duty where punishment is necessary.

4. Punishment should be imposed only if the interests of the collective are indeed violated and if the offender openly and knowingly commits this violation while ignoring the demands of the collective.

5. To preserve the collective, keep its living core, make sure that the old generation only gives way to the new one when the latter is prepared,... Preserve rules and traditions.

6. The real pedagogy is the one aligned with the pedagogy of the whole society.

7. The collective is a personality educator.

8. Virtues must be designed in a person, and the teacher has to take the designer’s job...

9. Without a sincere, open, convinced, lively and decisive demand, it is impossible to proceed with bringing up the collective...

10. Any, even the smallest, joy facing the collective ahead makes it stronger, closer and upbeat.