10 технологий Станислава Лема
Stanisław Lem

1921 – 2006. Polish philosopher, futurologist and writer. He is the author of a seminal philosophical work, Summa Technologiae, and many other books.


1. Never let others think for you.

2. War is the worst way to know someone else’s culture.

3. Anything that can be used as a weapon will be used as a weapon.

4. If hell exists, it is certainly computerized.

5. We don’t want to conquer the outer space, we just want to extend the Earth to its borders.

6. Probably the good times were never there – there was always someone to rip someone’s legs off, just with differing effort.

7. There is nothing more rich in its capabilities than emptiness.

8. To learn something, you need to know something already.

9. This is an affair of unheard-of complexity, so difficult that one should definitely try to carry it out.

10. The arguments of reason are powerless in the face of the prevailing morality.