10 ступеней Сергея Королёва
Sergey Pavlovich Korolev

1907 – 1966. Soviet scientist, designer and organizer of rocketry and space vehicle production. He led the creation of the first satellite and the first human flight into space. Twice awarded the title of the Hero of Socialist Labor, a winner of the Lenin Prize. Academician. Up to his death he was known as the Chief Designer.


1. Order frees up thought.

2. Criticize by suggesting. Suggest by doing.

3. There is a choice between doing something quickly but sloppily and doing something slowly but reliably. The quick method will soon be forgotten but the sloppiness will be remembered. And vice versa.

4. The one who wants to work will look for means, and the who does not, will looks for excuses.

5. It is the most tragic that they fail to understand how much there is still in common between then and today's lives. Often you wake up at night, you lie down and think: well, maybe someone has turned up and issued an order – and those prison-camp guards will brazenly enter and demand: “Hey you, scumbag, pack your belongings!”

6. It was small, this very first artificial satellite of our old planet, but its ringing callsigns were heard across all continents by all peoples as the embodiment of mankind’s daring dream.

7. A rocket underwater is absurd. But that’s why I’ll take up this task.

8. To break through to the stars has become my mission in life...

9. People will fly into space for vacations paid by the labor union.

10. Isn’t it the greatest satisfaction to fly your own vehicle?!! That goal makes one forget just about everything: weeks of sleepless nights, days spent in hard work without rest, without respite.