10 строф Абуль-Ала аль-Маари
Abu al-Ala al-Ma‘arri

Abu al-Ala al-Ma‘arri (Abu al-Ala Ahmad ibn Abdullah al-Tanukhi). 973 – 1057. Arab philologist, philosopher, poet. Blind since infancy.


1. Injustice reigns the world from its earliest days

And executes the wisest of people in its rage.

2. A decent man is everywhere is a maverick

For his fellow men and women.

3. Speak slowly and in a distemper of the spirit:

The louder your voice, the harder it is to hear.

4. Believe neither crows’ croaking nor your dreams.

Trouble will come – and you’ll open the door before it.

If it is your destiny to shoulder losses,

Trust in signs won’t keep your safe.

The best advisor is a sober mind.

5. Don’t trouble yourself by doubt –

If you distrust everything, you will fail.

6. Only the one who speaks calmly when pressed

Will succeed in his endeavors.

Hurried talk will commit sins,

And silence is there to protect against sins.

7. Religion twists words cunningly

Into sophisticated traps for minds.

Whatever the trap, the catch is the same:

A fool always gets ensnared.

8. So far we have come in our ignorance

That we will hold ourselves as kings over birds and beasts.

9. It would be time to stop getting sad about

Honest people being next to impossible to find.

10. From now on I’ll keep my thoughts secret,

So as they won’t scare my loved ones.