10 статей Пьера Буаста
Pierre-Claude-Victor Boiste

1765 –1824. French lexicographer and poet, author of the universal dictionary of the French language.


1. In order to change minds, you have to change hearts first.

2. The joy of the entire life is often sacrificed for the pleasure of having one’s opinion stated.

3. Be brief; the right way to make yourself listen is to say a lot in a few words.

4. There can be no proof in matters of taste.

5. False promises are more vexing than outright denials.

6. One of the greatest misconceptions is to believe that everyone else feels, sees and thinks exactly like us.

7. Forgiveness is the most noble and rewarding form of revenge.

8. The greatest and most prominent ignorance is our failure to know ourselves.

9. People who believe money can do anything are the very people who will do anything for money.

10. To dedicate oneself to do a great and difficult mission is either a madness of vanity or the realization of one’s genius.