10 статей Клода Гельвеция
Claude Helvetius

Claude Adrian Helvetius. 1715 – 1771. French philosopher and littérateur. Member of the Encyclopedist circle.


1. Superstitious belief passes among people for common sense.

2. Among books, as among people, it is possible to get into a good and bad society.

3. Genius is only a continuous attention.

4. Deep ideas are like clear waters, the transparency of which is darkened by their own depth.

5. Of all forms of suffering, boredom is, of course, the least suffering, but nevertheless it is suffering.

6. Often the greatest joys of life are sacrificed for the mere purpose of taking pride in having sacrificed them.

7. Whoever considers himself unhappy, becomes unhappy.

8. People are always against reason when reason is against them.

9. People are not born but become who they are.

10. Before proceeding with the construction of the palace of the universe, consider how much more you will have to extract from the mines of experience!