10 статей Дмитрия Писарева
Dmitry Ivanovich Pisarev

1840 – 1868. Russian literary scholar, critic. Denied Pushkin’s significance.


1. Whoever fell in love with science once will love it throughout his life and will never break up with it at will.

2. One must study at school, but it is even more necessary to after leaving school, and this second education is immeasurably more important than formal education in terms of its consequences and influence on man.

3. What dignifies a man is not knowledge but love and desire for truth…

4. Very few minds, and at the same time only the best ones, are able to say clearly and frankly: “I don’t know.”

5. Our folly is strong, and its shelters, infinite; and the smartest people still have cozy nooks for her.

6. Weak people at high positions can be easily turned into villains.

7. To raise a child is to prepare him for life…

8. All mental activity is great and fruitful only as long as it remains inseparable from sincerity and firmness of deep conviction.

9. In order for one person to discover a productive truth, it is necessary that a hundred people sacrifice their lives to failed searches and sad mistakes.

10. Life is a constant effort, and only those who understand it in humanly terms will share this view.