10 статей Дени Дидро
Denis Diderot

1713 – 1784. French philosopher. One of the founders of the Encyclopedia. He was supported by the Russian Empress Catherine II. A foreign fellow of the St. Petersburg Academy of Sciences.


1. Truth triumphs sufficiently when it is accepted by few but worthy: it is meant to be acceptable to everyone.

2. It would be the greatest misconception to consider morality when it comes to historical facts.

3. Imagination! Without this quality, you cannot be a poet, a philosopher, an intelligent person, a thinking being, or just a person.

4. By rewarding the good, we punish the bad.

5. It’s better to wear out than to rust.

6. To tell the truth to some people is like beaming light into an owl's nest: light will only irritate owls’ eyes and they will get cawking.

7. We always remain ourselves despite never remaining the same for a minute.

8. Love often takes intelligence away from whoever has it and gives it to those who don’t.

9. Education gives dignity to man, and the slave begins to realize that he was not born into slavery.

10. Without the idea of the whole, there is no philosophy.