10 советов Фалеса Милетского

640/624 - 548/545 BC. Ancient Greek philosopher and mathematician from Miletus (Asia Minor). Founder of the Ionian School that was at the origin of European science. The first on the list of Seven Wise Men.


1. The hardest thing is to know oneself, the easiest thing is to give advice to others.

2. Who is happy? He who is healthy with the body is gifted with the tranquility of the mind and develops his talent.

3. Remember that your children will treat you the same way you treat your parents.

4. Time is the wisest of the wise, for it reveals everything.

5. Many words are not yet a guarantee of reason.

6. The tyrant is the worst of wild animals, and the flatter is the worst of domesticated animals.

7. A man slandering others must be shown the door.

8. What’s the best course of life? When we don’t do what we condemn in others.

9. What’s the most common thing for everyone? — Hope; for if one has nothing else, they still hope.

10. The well-being of body manifests itself in health, the well-being of mind, in knowledge.