10 софизмов Антисфена

444/435 BC – 370/360 BC. Ancient Greek philosopher, founder and chief theorist of Cynicism, one of the most famous Socratic schools.


1. It is better to fight among a few good people against a bad majority than fight among the bad majority against a few good people.

2. Virtue is the same for man and woman.

3. As iron is eaten away by rust, so the envious are consumed by their own passion.

4. There is nothing alien and incomprehensible to a wise man.

5. It's better to get caught by vultures than by flatters; the former devour the dead, the latter devour the living.

6. Only take on your journey what you will not lose even in a shipwreck.

7. The brotherly alliance of the like-minded is stronger than any walls.

8. Everyone who seeks virtue are friends among themselves…

9. Count all wickedness foreign and alien.

10. What is the most relevant art? The art of forgetting the irrelevant.