10 словосочетаний Сэмуэля Джонсона
Samuel Johnson

1709 - 1784 English lexicographer.


1. The habit of looking on the best side of every event is worth more than a thousand pounds a year.

2. A decent provision for the poor is the true test of civilization.​

3. Politeness is a quality that can be appreciated only by feeling uncomfortable in its absence.

4. If your friend really thinks that there is no distinction between virtue and vice, when he leaves our houses let us count our spoons.

5. The pride in the awareness that you are entrusted with secrets is the main reason to disclose them.

6. It is futile to expect good acts from a man who cannot be entertained.

7. In all statements, accuracy must be sacrificed for brevity’s sake to a certain extent.

8. We provide just as much respect as demanded.

9. Once we are supplied with every thing that nature can demand, then we sit down to contrive artificial appetites.

10. The main virtue of a man is his ability to resist himself.