10 рефлексов Владимира Бехтерева
Vladimir Bekhterev

Vladimir Mikhailovich Bekhterev. 1857 – 1927. An outstanding Russian medical psychiatrist, neuropathologist, physiologist, psychologist, the founder of reflexology in Russia, academician.


1. Bigotry is irritating to the brain.

2. If the patient doesn’t feel easier after talking to the doctor, it’s not a doctor.

3. While education gives us an erudite person, upbringing shapes an intelligent and productive personality.

4. Happiness suppresses the sense of justice and compassion in man.

5. Sometimes instilled and ingrained ideas play a much more prominent role than logical conviction. Anyone who communicates with the grassroots people knows this well from his own experience.

6. When it comes to ideas, every society lags behind scientists for several generations.

7. Let’s drink to those blessed times when scientists will be able to fully devote themselves to science!

8. Music is not only an enriching, educational factor. Music heals.

9. Education should create an individual with independent initiative, with critical attitude to everything that surrounds him.

10. In order to overcome the fear of death, one must retain the sense of a life lived not in vain and be always ready to die.