10 рецептов жизни Альфреда Адлера
Alfred Adler

Alfred Adler (February 7 1870 – May 28 1937) was an Austrian psychiatrist, psychologist and thinker. He is the creator of the individual psychology system. His own life journey may have been an important aid in the formulation of his concept of individual personality theory. He is known as a major opponent of Sigmund Freud’s psychoanalysis theory.


1. Having a specific goal, a person feels able to overcome any problems, as his future success lives in him.

2. Nowhere is the uniqueness of the individual more evident than in the results of his imagination.

3. The soul appears to consist mainly of a force in pursuit of a goal.

4. The purpose of anger is to destroy any obstacle quickly and forcibly.

5. Truth is some kind of an “infinite problem” – always enticing, never surmountable.

6. Under the self-isolation of man, it is not difficult to discover a foundation of ambition and vanity.

7. Our civilization pays not so much respect to a person who always wants to be in the spotlight without doing anything to deserve it.

8. Every man is a creator, for he creates something out of various innate factors and opportunities.

9. Being human means having a sense of inferiority.

10. The main danger in life is that you take too many precautions.