10 рецептов Виктора Франкла
Viktor Emil Frankl

1905 – 1997. Austrian psychologist, psychiatrist and neurologist. Development of logotherapy. Was held prisoner in a concentration camp.

1. A lack of success never means the loss of sense.

2. There is always time between a stimulus and our response to it. During this time we choose how to react. And that’s where our freedom lies.

3. Not only do I act realizing who I am, but I also become what I do.

4. The fact that one person differs from another in his fingerprint does not yet distinguish him as an individual.

5. A man is not unlike an airplane. The airplane can taxi on the ground, but to prove that it is an airplane, it must take off. So do we: if we fail to rise above ourselves, no one will know we can fly.

6. The eternal struggle of the spiritual freedom of man with his internal and external destiny is what in fact constitutes the human life.

7. It is not our fears or our anxiety that matter, but how we treat them.

8. Every epoch has its own neurosis – and every epoch requires its own psychotherapy.

9. It is impossible to determine the meaning of life in general as it differs from person to person and from moment to moment.

10. Happiness is like a butterfly. The longer you catch it, the more it slips away from you.

But if you move your attention to other things, it will come and sit quietly on your shoulder.