10 рецептов Парацельса

Paracelsus (real name Philippus Aureolus Theophrastus Bombastus Von Hohenheim). 1493 – 1541. A Swiss physician. Philosopher, natural scientist, alchemist. A reformer of medicine, he is recognized as one of the founders of the modern science.


1. The power of imagination can cause disease in a person as well as cure him.

2. Fear weakens a person and exposes him to diseases.

3. The thoughts of a man affect the world, and the world affects the man.

4. What is seen as mysticism in one century becomes scientific knowledge in another.

5. A man is a realized thought. The man is what he thinks.

6. Don’t be different if you can be yourself.

7. Envy destroys the body of whoever experiences it.

8. The best cure for all diseases is a good spirit.

9. The physician should be able to read the book of nature with his own eyes and understand what is written in it.

10. Everything can be poison, everything can be medicine; what is relevant is the dose.