10 рецептов Николая Пирогова
Nikolay Ivanovich Pirogov

1810 – 1881. A great surgeon and anatomist. The founder of the Russian battlefield surgery and the domestic school of anesthesiology. An honorary citizen of Moscow.


1. There’s nothing trivial about parenting.

2. Everywhere, for all nations, religion was only used as a yoke.

3. Truth, however brutally expressed, should not be scary to anyone.

4. Where the spirit of science dominates, great achievements are made with modest means.

5. Learning and living is the same thing.

6. Only he has understood the truth who has carefully studied nature, people and himself.

7. The punishment with a twig will reform only a weak mind who could be corrected by other, less hazardous means.

8. The true object of the teaching is to prepare a man to be man.

9. If you do not educate a child, you will end up raising an ignorant person; but if you neglect upbringing, he will be brought up by his own means, and difference will be that he will be brought up in bad manners when he could have a reasonable and correct upbringing.

10. Every school is famous not for the numbers but for the fame of its alumni.