10 рецептов Гиппократа

About 460 BC - between 377 and 356 BC. The famous ancient Greek physician. He entered the history as “the father of medicine.”


1. Physician’s first commandment: do not harm!

2. Your food should be medicine, and your medicine should be food.

3. Everything is good in moderation.

4. Like cloth workers clean the cloth by knocking out dust, gymnastics cleans the body.

5. Life is short, and Art long, the crisis fleeting, experience perilous, and decision difficult.

6. Some patients, despite feeling doomed, only recover because they are confident in the skill of the doctor.

7. A person must know how to help himself when ill, bearing in mind that health is the highest wealth of a person.

8. The physician is a philosopher; after all, there is no big difference between wisdom and medicine.

9. Healing is a matter of time, but sometimes it is also a matter of opportunity.

10. Marriage is a fever in reverse: it starts hot and ends cold.