10 рецептов Галена

129 (or 131) – ca. 200 (or 217) AD. A Roman doctor and philosopher of Greek descent. He contributed significantly to anatomy, physiology, pathology, pharmacology and neurology. The “Galenian” instruction continued to be practiced into the 19th century.


1. If you give clay to the sculptor you cannot demand from him a statue of gold and ivory.

2. It is important to be able to recognize what can harm the body.

3. Mistakes come from the inability to draw correct conclusions.

4. One part or multiple part serve to define the reasonableness of the whole structure.

5. The brain is the beginning of all nerves, the heart is the beginning of all arteries.

6. Man conquers himself and animals not with his strength, but with his mind.

7. A good doctor should be a philosopher.

8. Quit dining while you are still a little hungry, and you’ll always be healthy.

9. The brain is the most complex thing in the human body. But the brain would be imperfect if a person lacked at least one part of the body – such as a foot. Conversely, a foot would be imperfect without brain.

10. Souls can be strong and weak, sluggish and energetic, rustic and urbane. Some are capable of becoming involved in public affairs, others need solitude. All people have different habits, and the body of each person corresponds to the habits and abilities of his soul.