10 рецептов Авиценны

Abu Ali al-Husayn bin Abdullah ibn al-Hasan bin Ali ibn Sina (known as Avicenna). 980 – 1037. A Medieval Persian scholar, philosopher and physician. The author of more than 450 works in 29 fields of science. The most famous and influential scientific philosopher of the medieval Islamic world.


1. If you have set on the way to sacred truth while young,

Don’t argue with the ignorant, nor heed their advice.

2. It would be good if the mind were free

Of doubt and anxiety till the last journey.

3. Wisdom is said to be invaluable,

But not a farthing is paid for it.

4. Just as the light of the sun is hidden from the blind,

There is no road to truth for the stupid.

5. Be moderate in your meals – this is the first rule,

And the second rule is to drink less wine.

6. You, who has left your mark in the world of atrocities,

You ask for grace to fall on you.

Cherish no hope: forever there will be no forgiveness,

For the one who sows evil is evil and must reap what he has sown.

7. With donkeys, be a donkey - don’t expose your face!

Ask the chief donkey, and he’ll respond, “I'm great!”

And the one without donkey’s ears

Is a heretic for the donkeykind!

8. I would live serenely in joy

Were I to know who I am! At least once

To know what I'm wandering for now?

And if I won’t, I'd cry with thousands of eyes.

9. My heaven, for God's sake, give me an answer:

You revolve, but does that make sense?

10. When we die, all of us

Will learn that we know nothing.