10 речей Цицерона
Marcus Tullius Cicero

106 BC - 43 BC. Philosopher, politician. Known as an orator, his name having become synonymous for orators.



1. Any completed business is gratifying.

2. Life would be empty if the vocation of man could not be fulfilled.

3. We are truly free when we retain the ability for independent reasoning, when necessity does not force us to support opinions imposed on and, in some ways, prescribed to us.

4. Hope is more reasonable than fear.

5. What is most fair is most useful.

6. We have an obligation to respect, protect and maintain the bonds of unity and brotherhood that exist between all members of the human race.

7. Science nourishes a young mind and brings delight in old age, adorns happiness, serves as a refuge and provides consolation in misfortune.

8. Arms abroad have little value if there is no prudence at home.

9. Impunity is the greatest encouragement of crime.

10. Necessity is a terrible weapon.