10 размышлений Сёрена Кьеркегора
Søren Aabye Kierkegaard

1813 – 1855. Danish philosopher, Protestant theologian and writer.



1. Everything that exists is reasonable; I was and will be an optimist!

2. To be loved more than anything in the world, with a fervent, endless love is the supreme pleasure that a person on earth can experience.

3. To strive forward is to lose the peace of mind, to stay put is to lose oneself.

4. A dead letter is sometimes stronger than a living word.

5. There are insects that die following fertilization. So are our joys: a moment of the fullest enjoyment – and they are gone!

6. Unfortunately, the doors of happiness do not open inward – or otherwise they could be thrust open – but rather outward so little can be done!

7. Old age is known to fulfill the dreams of youth. Jonathan Swift’s example is instructive: in his youth he built an insane asylum, and when he grew old he settled there.

8. Fear is the dizziness of freedom.

9. I have nothing, but I don’t need anything.

10. I failed to see anything because I looked too closely.