10 размышлений Бенедикта Спинозы
Benedictus de Spinoza

1632 – 1677. Dutch rationalist philosopher and naturalist, one of the main representatives of the Modern philosophy.


1. If you want life to smile at you, give it your good mood first.

2. The desire expresses the essence of the person.

3. Citing an authority does not an argument make.

4. Fear arises from the impotence of the spirit.

5. Once you entertain the thought that you are unable to carry out a certain business, it will become impossible for you to carry it out.

6. People believe that they are free only to the extent that they are allowed to satisfy their cravings. When forced to live as prescribed by law, they believe that their rights are taken away.

7. Lack of knowledge is not an argument. Ignorance is not an argument.

8. No one is as envious as people who are disparaging to themselves.

9. Nothing ceases to be true just because it is not recognized by the majority.

10. Nobody can so easily succumb to flattery as an ambitious man who wanted to be the first but couldn’t become one.