10 предложений Льва Толстого
Lev Nikolayevich Tolstoy

Leo Tolstoy. 1828 – 1910. A great Russian writer, philosopher and educator. An associate fellow of the Imperial Academy of Sciences, Honorary Academician of Language Arts. The “face” of Russian literature in the world.


1. To love is to live the life of someone you love.

2. The greatest truths are the simplest ones.

3. All truths are paradoxes. Direct conclusions of the mind are wrong, the ridiculous conclusions of the experience are unmistakable.

4. Old age is the biggest surprise in life.

5. Knowledge is an instrument, not a goal.

6. All people live and act guided partly by their thoughts, partly by those of other people. How much people live by their thoughts and how much by the thoughts of other people is one of the main differences setting people apart.

7. People are often proud of the purity of their conscience only because they have a short memory.

8. To be good and lead a good life there is no need to know where you came from and what will happen after you die.

9. Children cannot be frightened with austerity, they only do not tolerate lies.

10. It’s not about knowing a lot, it’s about knowing the crux of everything you can know.