10 подсказок Николая Чернышевского
Nikolay Gavrilovich Chernyshevsky

1828 – 1889. Russian philosopher, democrat, scholar, encyclopedist. Posed the main question.


1. Our civilization is just beginning, and we are unable to imagine, even with the most ardent imagination, the power over nature it will bring us.

2. Art is a means of conversing with people.

3. Progress is the desire to raise a person into the ranks of humankind.

4. The nature of the means must be the same as the nature of the end, only then can means lead to the end. Bad means are only good for bad ends.

5. Imagination builds its castles in the air only when there is no good home, not even a suitable hut.

6. Academic literature saves people from ignorance, and elegant literature saves people from rudeness and obscenity.

7. Riches are something one can happily live without but wealth is something one needs for happiness.

8. Talent gives everyone a double price.

9. Only kind deeds are prudent. Only the one who is kind is reasonable, and only as much as he is kind.

10. A child who carries fewer insults grows up to be more aware of his dignity.