10 невоенных приказов Карла фон Клаузевица
Carl Philipp Gottlieb von Clausewitz

1780 – 1831. Prussian military theorist and historian, served in the Prussian and Russian military. He revolutionized the theory of military sciences and management in general.


1. The greatest enemy of a good plan is the dream of the best plan.

2. History never takes a definitive step back.

3. Strong temperament in someone who does not lose balance even in moments of greatest excitement.

4. If you want to win, hit the heart of the opponent.

5. The correct theorist is like a swimming master who teaches on dry land movements which are required in the water.

6. Never become desperate about your own destiny – in other words, respect yourselves.

7. Many believe that half-hearted efforts can bring success. A short jump is certainly easier than a long one, but no one wanting to get across a wide ditch would begin by jumping half-way.

8. The second characteristic trait of a leader is the simplicity and clarity of his plans, combinations and solutions he devises. The simpler and more definite the plan of the operation, the better it is.

9. Tomorrow springs from today, the future is forged in the present; while one is fixed on the future, it is already falling out maimed of their lazy hands. The time is yours, and what it becomes depends on you.

10. A good advice is never bad.