10 наставлений Абу-ль-Фараджа

Abu’l-Faraj bin Harun (Gregory Johann Bar Hebraeus). 1226 - June 30 1286. Syrian polymath, writer and a religious figure.


1. A passing failure is better than a passing luck.

2. Who can be considered intelligent? The one whose plans are most often carried to fruition.

3. Knowledge is so precious that it is not indecent to extract it from any source.

4. Patience is a wonderful quality, but life is too short to endure for long.

5. Why are the envious always upset with something? Because they are gnawed not only by their own mishaps but also by the success of others.

6. I often repent on what I said, but rarely regret being silent.

7. The man is an amazing creature: he is upset when he loses his wealth but watches indifferently as the days of his life go away irretrievably.

8. Despicable is the man who knows nothing and does not endeavor to learn anything.

After all, two vices came together in him.

9. Gain friends with good acts. That is the sense of true friendship.

10. The homeland is where you feel free.