10 мудростей Сократа

 Ca. 469 - 399 BC. Ancient Greek philosopher. The first philosopher in the true sense of the word.




1. Happy is the one who thinks honestly and has the acuity of mind.

2. Being below oneself is ignorance, and being above oneself is nothing more than wisdom.

3. There is a sun in every person. Just let it shine.

4. There’s a lot more risk in acquiring knowledge than buying food.

5. If a donkey kicks you, do you need to sue it?

6. How many there are things you can live without!

7. Thou shouldst eat to live ; not live to eat.

8. Fulfilling our strongest desires is often the source of our greatest sorrows.

9. If the troubles you’re talking about could be avoided, why are you complaining? And if they were inevitable, even more so, what's the point of complaining?

10. Talk to me so I can see you.