10 минипоэм Иоганна Гёте
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

1749 – 1832. The great German novelist, poet, playwright and natural scientist.



1. In life, it’s about life, not some result of it.

2. Speak with a conviction – the words and the influence on listeners will come on their own.

3. Numbers are said to rule the world. No, they only show how they rule the world.

4. As a prerequisite for any science for getting off the dead spot, for it to expand toward perfection, hypotheses are necessary in the same way as experimental evidence and observation.

5. If you lose interest in everything, you lose your memory.

6. There are two peaceful forms of violence: law and decency.

7. Any great man is still a man.

8. There are people who are never mistaken because they never entertain any reasonable thoughts.

9. In all cases it’s better to hope than to get into despair.

10. People obey the laws of nature even when they fight against them.