10 маршрутов по жизни от Фритьофа Нансена
Fridtjof Nansen

Fridtjof Wedel-Jarlsberg Nansen (1861 –1930) was a Norwegian polar explorer, founder of a new science, physical oceanography, a political and public figure, humanist, philanthropist, winner of the 1922 Nobel Peace Prize.


1. To assess success appropriately, one must meet some hurdle!

2. Let me tell you the secret of such so-called successes as there have been in my life, and here I believe I give you really good advice. It was to burn my boats and demolish my bridges behind me. Then one loses no time in looking behind, when one should have quite enough to do in looking ahead.

3. There needs to be a romantic touch to a person's life. It is what gives man divine powers to venture beyond the ordinary. It is a mighty spring in the human soul pushing it to great achievements.

4. Man seeks knowledge, and once the thirst for knowledge fades in him, he ceases to be man.

5. Ah, if only you didn’t know that all earthly joy is short-lived!

6. Recognize authority, respect the old but rely even more on your own views and keep your eyes open!

7. The truth? Why is always the truth so precious? Life is more than cold truth, and we live only once.

8. Deep in our nature, a daring spirit is rooted in us. The call of deserts thrills in all our actions and elevates, enriches our lives.

9. Do not exacerbate your flight with little things that are commonly referred to as life needs. Remember: by adding weight to our bodies we cut our wings short.

10. I used to discover there was something sad about spring; is it because it passes so soon, or because it evokes hopes that never become justified in the summer?