10 манифестов Карла Маркса
Karl Heinrich Marx

1818 – 1883. German philosopher, sociologist, economist, poet and public figure. The founder of Marxism. The Author of the Communist Manifesto and Das Kapital.


1. Imagination is a great gift that has contributed so much to the development of mankind.

2. Ignorance is a demonic force, and we fear that it will cause many more tragedies.

3. An excessively serious attitude is the most comical thing and excessive modesty is the most bitter irony.

4. One violinist may direct himself but the orchestra needs a conductor.

5. Authorities appear formidable just because we are kneeling.

6. The truth has not be more modest than the light.

7. Free time is a space for personality development.

8. Every beginning is difficult – this holds true for every science.

9. A people enslaving another people forges their own fetters.

10. Laws criminalizing adherence to principles have disregard of principles at their root.