10 манифестов Фридриха Энгельса
Friedrich Engels

1820 – 1895. German philosopher, political economist, and a public relations expert. One of the founders of Marxism.


1. A free will means nothing more than the ability to make informed decisions.

2. Where there is no common interest, there can be no unity of purpose, let alone unity of action.

3. There are two ways to demoralize a nation: by punishing the innocent or by not punishing the guilty.

4. A people oppressing other peoples cannot be free.

5. A talented leader has to convince the masses of the veracity of its ideas. If he succeeds he will no longer have to worry about implementing them as they will be picked up on their own.

6. The pursuit of happiness is innate in man, so it must be the basis of all morality.

7. Let us not be too seduced by our victories over nature. It Avenges us for every such victory.

8. Scientists can be defeated only by their own weapon, that is quotes!

9. …Personality is characterized not only by what it does, but also by the manner it does it…

10. If technology depends heavily on the state of science, then to a much greater extent science depends on the state and utilization of machines. Technology needs of the society will drive the progress of science far more than a dozen universities.