10 максим Франсуа Ларошфуко
François VI, duc de La Rochefoucauld

1613 – 1680. French duke and thinker.



1. Who is incapable of great acts will be scrupulous in trifles.

2. It's easier to forgo benefit than to give up a whim.

3. One forgives to the degree that one loves.

4. Someone who imagines that he can do without others is very wrong; but whoever imagines that others cannot do without him is even more wrong.

5. Gratitude is merely the secret hope of further favors.

6. The heat of friendship warms the heart without burning it.

7. It's better to laugh without being happy than to die without laughing.

8. The fate arranges everything for the benefit of those it patrons.

9. It is not enough to possess outstanding qualities, it is necessary to be able to use them.

10. Our envy always outlives the success we envy.