10 квантов мысли Эрвина Шрёдингера
Erwin Rudolf Josef Alexander Schrödinger

1887 – 1961. Austrian theorist physicist; Nobel Prize Winner in Physics, Professor of universities of Berlin, Oxford, Graz and Ghent. He developed quantum mechanics and the wave theory of matter. Famous for the cat about whom nothing is known.


1. Science is a game but a game with reality, a game with sharpened knives…

2. The present is the only thing that has no end.

3. The mind is always now. There is no before or after for the mind. Only the now exists… Our language is ill-suited for expressing this…

4. In my scientific works, as in life in general, I never followed any general line, I did not follow a guiding program designed for the long run.

5. Everyone’s native language is sort of well-fitting clothes, and you can’t feel quite free when you are not at easy with language and when it has to be replaced by another, new one.

6. From where does come this prominent lifelong contradiction between “I want” and “you should”? After all, it is highly unsound and unnatural to constantly demand from every individual that he disavow himself, inhibit his whims, in short, that he be different than he really is.

7. I’m going against the current but the direction of the flow will change.

8. It is widely believed that an objective picture of the world, as it was previously understood, cannot be obtained at all. Only optimists among us (with whom I identify myself) believe that this is philosophical exaltation, a sign of weak mind in the face of crisis.

9. I rarely utter the first word, but often the second, as the motivation for it usually turns out to be the desire to object or correct…

10. I do not see a better and clearer way to achieve my goal than my own way, however winding it could be.