10 комбинаций Эмануэля Ласкера
Emanuel Lasker

1868 – 1941. German chess player and mathematician, game theorist, the second world chess champion.


1. The human nature is characterized by rationality and rage; however, it seems that the centers of rage in the human brain are better developed than the centers of rationality.

2. Without mistakes there can be no brilliant victories.

3. Poverty is more easily tolerated if you have a sense of uniqueness.

4. The higher the artist’s art, the less his freedom.

5. The only way to become smarter is to play with a stronger opponent.

6. Who thinks he has great capacity for work should try to achieve some result.

7. Nothing else characterizes a mediocre person more precisely than his desire to hit the jackpot with little effort.

8. We have learned to organize factories but we haven’t yet learned to be economical in our mental work, in the creation of ideological values.

9. Hope is the driving force of all life.

10. There are no good or bad moves. There are only good or bad cigars.