10 историй от Николая Карамзина
Nikolay Mikhailovich Karamzin

1766 – 1826. Russian historian and historiographer, writer of prose and poetry. The creator of the 12-volume “History of the State of Russia”, one of the first generalizing works on the history of Russia.


The journey nurtures our souls and hearts. Let the hypochondriac travel to heal from his hypochondria! Let the misanthrope travel to get to love humanity!

Let everyone travel as long as they can!

1. Patriotism should not blind us; love for the fatherland is the action of a pure reason, not blind passion; and while feeling sorry for those people who look at things only from the negative side, failing to see anything good and complaining constantly, we do not want to fall into another extreme; we do not want to assure ourselves that Russia is already at the highest degree of virtue and perfection.

2. History in some ways is the sacred book of peoples: the main, the essential; a reflection of their existence and activities: a scroll of revelations and rules; the covenant of ancestors to their offspring; an explanation supplementing the present and an example of the future.

3. Fulfilling all desires is the most dangerous temptation of love.

4. Nature sets us in the world not unlike a dreary dark forest, without any ideas and information, but with a great deal of curiosity.

5. Education makes nations and people closer in their nature, shaping them alike as trees in a garden.

6. Only free souls can be grateful: slaves obey and hate.

7.... the end of suffering is the most vivid of human pleasures.

8. The man is born for communication and friendship.

9. It is equally reprehensible to want something in excess or refrain from something due.

10. The state needs moral power as much as physical power for its security.