10 игр Эрика Берна
Eric Lennard Berne

1910 – 1970. American psychologist and psychiatrist. Analyst. He is the author of the famous book, Games People Play: The Psychology of Human Relationships


1. No man is a hero to his wife’s psychiatrist.

2. The tale of the Red Riding Hood teaches us that it is dangerous for wolves to roam through woods where they can meet little girls.

3. Love is a sweet trap that no one leaves without crying.

4. The art of life is to walk the earth Prince, throwing apples on the way. The art of dying is to eat their own Apple, and say: “I am happy, the rest is for you, enjoy in my honor.”

5. Women see trees and men see woods. Men build and women furnish.

6. If you don't know which girl to choose, let someone else pick and you choose the same one.

7. Wish that someone was lucky to meet you, and you are lucky enough to meet someone.

8. If you take away the big words and solemn face, there is still plenty left, so there is no need to be scared.

9. Body is your friend. Don't treat him as an enemy.

10. It’s better to be a slave to your beloved woman than a free man to the unloved one.